Barbara Kirton
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I was born in the country that has, besides me, the 9th marvel of the world -The Panama Canal . I was raised in Latin culture, specifically the Panamanian, in which family, music, food and EMOTIONS are so important!

I am the older of five. I have 2 sisters and then my 2 lil brothers. So I want to give my best to show them that if you want it you can get it!

I am such a social person, love to TALK!! I think I even do it while I sleep! Since I had been in kinder garden I was recognized for been a good student; but all my teachers say I talk too much.

I made 1 year and one semester in Medicine and 2 years in Laws School. Studied dance and theatre for a year . Currently, I'm studying to be a Nurse.

I want to make of modeling a paid and fun career. I'm very interested in print modeling (clothes, adds and magazines).But my main goal is to become an ACTRESS! I already made some baby steps so now I just have to KEEP WALKING! I am a new and fresh talent willing to do a nice job with creativity and a lot of enthusiasm. So much ATTITUDE and a big smile :)